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Enclave Subdivision

31 Lot Subdivision

The project is a 31 lot subdivision. The project is a gated community PUD. All of the infrastructure has been completed and 11 of the 25 homes have been completed and all but 3 of the lots have been sold. The project is located on 6.6 acres with an average lot size of 7000 square feet and a buildable home area(including garage) of 4000 square feet (ground floor only). The largest lot accommodates an existing home that was on the property. The project includes a playground and clubhouse with a pool.

Owner’s services included and will include:

  • Surveying property
  • Creation and approval of subdivision plat
  • Site Design of development
  • Coordination with local officials for permitting of sewer, water, storm drain and site plans.
  • SWPPP plans
  • Construction coordination and site observation
  • Construction surveying